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Risk Assessment

SafeMach carry out comprehensive machinery risk assessments on machinery and follow the international Standard EN ISO 12100:2010 Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Risk assessment and reduction.

A risk assessment is a legal requirement for machinery manufacturers, those who modify or build machinery in-house and system integrators. It is also an important and key step in the CE Marking process.

During a risk assessment, our engineers will assess your machinery against the relevant Directives and Standards, and will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing any non-conformance’s and guidance in the rectification of the non-conformance items.

We also carry our Design Risk Assessments’s for our manufacturing partners assisting with risk reduction and control methods.

CE Marking / UKCA Marking

Machines that are being placed on the market in the UK and Europe are required to be CE Marked under the Machinery Directive before they are put into service. The Directive applies to machines that are new, but also applies to machines that have been built for own use, or where they have been modified or re-badged.

SafeMach can support you through the CE Marking process from carrying out risk assessments, conformity to the Essential Health & Safety Requirements (Annex I) or applicable harmonised Standards, preparing the technical construction file and completing the Declaration of Conformity. We can also support manufacturers who provide partly completed machinery. We also support manufacturers of partly completed machinery.

SafeMach will support manufacturers in applying the new conformity mark, UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) for machinery supplied in to the UK market. We can also act as your Authorised Representative and hold your Technical Files.

CE Audit

We will visit your machinery supplier on your behalf and carry out a CE Audit on the machine/s you have purchased to ensure the legal requirements have been met. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is an ideal time to carry out a CE Audit / Pre-delivery Audit. 

During the audit, we will inspect the machine, safety equipment and documentation to ensure it is compliant with the applicable Directives and Standards. Non-conformance items will be documented and discussed, allowing the non-conformance items to be corrected prior to shipment of the machinery. 

PUWER Inspections

PUWER place duties upon individuals and companies who own, operate or have control over work equipment. PUWER also places responsibilities on businesses and organisations whose employees use work equipment, whether owned by them or not.

Our engineers will carry out a thorough inspection of your machinery following the PUWER Regulations, focusing on components that could affect the equipment’s capability to be operated and maintained in a safe manner.

Following the inspection, you will receive comprehensive PUWER report, including a separate non-compliance report. Following any corrective actions, we will then carry out an additional inspection to close out any non-compliance items.

SafeMach can also carry out an asset audit detailing equipment that requires PUWER Inspections, following which we will prioritise and schedule PUWER Inspections.

Safety Validation

When it comes to safety related changes on your machinery, it is vital that the correct steps are carried out in order to maintain compliance.

The safety related control system for your machinery will be measured against International Harmonised Standards such as ISO 13849 or IEC 62061. A detailed report will follow.

In addition, SafeMach can carry out a machinery risk assessment, determine the required Performance Level (PLr) or Safety Integrity Level (SIL) prior to validation of the safety related control system using tools such as Sistema or PAScal to determine the achieved PL or SIL.

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