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statutory instruments

Machinery – The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations

Low Voltage – The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations

EMC  – Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations

Pressure Equipment  – The Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations

ATEX  – The Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially                 Explosive Atmospheres Regulations

Key Directives

Machinery Directive – 2006/42/EC

Low Voltage Directive – 2014/68/EU

EMC Directive – 2014/35/EU

PED Directive – 2014/68/EU

ATEX Directive – 2014/34/EU

Key Machinery Standards / designated standards

ISO 13850: 2015 Emergency stop function 

ISO 13851: 2019 Two hand control devices

ISO 13854: 2019 Minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body

ISO 13855: 2010 Positioning of safeguards with respect to approach speeds of parts of the human body

ISO 13856: 2013 Pressure sensitive protection devices

ISO 13857: 2010 Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs

ISO 13849 1: 2015 Safety related parts of control systems design and verification

ISO 13849 2: 2012 Safety related parts of control systems validation

IEC 62061: 2005+2015 A2 Safety related electrical control systems

ISO 14118: 2018 Prevention of unexpected startup

IEC 60204 1: 2018 Electrical equipment of machines

ISO 4413: 2010 Hydraulic fluid power

ISO 4414: 2010 Pneumatic fluid power

ISO 14119: 2013 Interlocking devices associated with guards

ISO 14120: 2015 Guards (Fixed and moveable)

A full list of Designated Standards can be found here

Brexit & UKCA Mark

As the UK is no longer in the EU, CE marking is no longer be recognised within the UK, however there is a transition period where the CE Mark will be recognised as a valid form of conformity. This transition period ends on the 31/12/2021.

Instead a new mark will be required in the UK to replace the CE Mark. This will be the UKCA Mark (United Kingdom Conformity Assessed). The CE marking is still required for the EU market. You will be able place the UKCA and CE marking on a product simultaneously if it is destined for both markets. The UKCA Mark is subject to parliamentary approval.

The process for applying the UKCA Mark would mirror that of applying the CE Mark, however the UKCA Mark will be limited to the UK market.  Changes will include:

    • Directives will be replaces with Statutory Instruments (SI).
    • Harmonised Standards being called Designated Standards and the UK will hold a list of these Designated Standards, however there is no additional information available on how this will work at this time.
    • Notified Bodies changing to UK Conformity Assessment Bodies.
    • Declaration of Conformity changing to UK Declaration of Conformity and will reference UK statutory instrument compliance Plus amendments, applied Designated Standards and a UK Approved Body if applicable.

Important items to note are:

    • UK Notified Body accreditation will be withdrawn and their CE Marking will no longer be valid for products placed on the EU market.
    • The authorised person responsible for compiling the Technical File must be resident in the UK.
On the 1st September, the following update was made:

CE Marked goods, such as self-declared machinery that meet EU requirements (where these match UK requirements) can continue to be placed on the UK market until 1st January 2022 where EU and UK requirements remain the same. Goods placed on the UK market after this date must be supplied with a UK Declaration of Conformity and the UKCA Mark on the manufacturers name plate. The key phrase is ‘placed on the UK market’.

For manufacturers based outside of the UK, Safemach can act as for Authorised Representative when you supply machinery into the UK. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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