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light curtain testing

Electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) such as light curtains and safety scanners are a common component used as a part of perimeter guarding. When used correctly, they offer great benefits and aid productivity.

However, ESPE has to be selected, integrated and tested to ensure it offers the level of protection laid out in EN ISO 13855. The HSE’s document HSG 180 requires that initial inspections and tests are carried out following the installation or changes to the operating conditions and that periodic inspection and tests are carried out every 6 or 12 months depending on the installed equipment and risk assessment.

Using our stop time measurement equipment, SafeMach can validate your ESPE installation to ensure:

    • The correct components are being used.
    • The installation complies to ISO 13855.
    • The actual stop time of the machinery complies to ISO 13855.
    • Muting and override functions are correctly programmed.
    • The installation complies to EN ISO 13849 or EN IEC 62061

We will compile an ESPE asset register for the devices in your factory and validate their performance using state of the art equipment, You will then receive a report detailing the results and any non-compliance’s that maybe found.

ESPE Validation

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